4 world renown boat brands

Cruising catamaran lifestyle
World leader in this market (more than 3000 boats delivered by August 2014), Lagoon offers a complete range of internationally renowned catamarans, for the comfort, seafaring performance and quality of life at sea their design offers to all types of crews.


Setting sail today is the fulfilment of other desires, new approaches.
Sailors now sail in many ways. Catamarans follow this trend more than ever: a 360° sea experience.

EXCESS embodies this vision and meets the new demands of aesthetics and simplicity, reflecting an active and spontaneous lifestyle trend of city dwellers searching for escape and outdoor sports.



A prestigious signature for the construction of luxury yachts
Specialized in the custom and "semi custom" construction of sail and power yachts (units from 60' to 180'), CNB has built up international recognition for the quality and performance of its prestigious units, either in aluminium or in composite.


A major player and one the world's leading shipbuilders,
CNB has diversified its activity and produces units for sea professionals: fast passenger boats and working boats.


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